New Poster Highlights Implications of the Changing Prairie Climate

What will climate change mean for the Canadian Prairie Provinces? A new educational poster was published today by the Prairie Climate Centre highlighting the risks of climate change across the region.

Few aspects of Prairie life will be unaffected by climate change, especially if global carbon dioxide emissions continue to climb. Forest fires will likely occur more frequently and burn more intensely; agricultural systems will need to adapt to accommodate the drastic increase in hot summer days; flooding risk will increase, causing widespread damage and displacement; human health will be impacted as urban temperatures soar and new diseases and pathogens migrate further north.

What can be done? Adapting to these changes is key; however, taking serious steps to reduce emissions and therefore lessen the impacts of climate change are a vital part of the solution. Check out the poster today, and be sure to share it with a friend! And be sure to visit the interactive Prairie Climate Atlas to learn more.


pcc poster thumb

(PDF file size ~25 MB)