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The Prairie Climate Atlas: making climate science meaningful

From Risk to Resilience

The Prairie Climate Atlas: making climate science meaningful

The Prairie Climate Atlas has been created as a tool for communicating the severity of climate change in the Prairie Provinces. The collection of interactive maps and graphs available throughout the website allow users to explore how climate is projected to change across the Prairies.

In the coming months, we will be linking this modelling and mapping project with publicly engaging video-based outputs regarding anticipated impacts and opportunities for risk reduction. By innovatively combining climate, cartography and cinema we will help tell the story of how climate change will affect all of Canada, with the goal of inspiring citizen participation and assisting local leaders and decision makers in producing meaningful and effective adaptation and mitigation strategies for current and future generations.

The Prairie Climate Centre is committed to making climate change meaningful and relevant to Canadians. We explain and communicate climate change through maps, videos, reports, and web content like this. Sign up for our mailing list to stay informed about our work and about new developments in climate change science and policy. Help us move Canada from climate risk to resilience.

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