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From Risk to Resilience

Will Climate History Repeat Itself? Lessons from another global warming event.

Approximately 56 million years ago, Earth underwent a period of rapid global warming. Scientists have named this event the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, or PETM for short. Long before humans even existed, Earth’s climate warmed by over 4 °C (and perhaps by as much as 8 °C). From a geological perspective, the PETM occurred out of…
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The Heat is On, Or Why A Few Degrees is a Big Deal

Sometimes it’s hot. Sometimes it’s not. But, wait: if we’re emitting more and more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and heating up the planet, why doesn’t the temperature always increase too? The answer comes partly because there’s an important difference between “heat” and “temperature.” For example, when you put a pot of water on the…
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