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Climate Change Report Cards

From Risk to Resilience



With the launch of the Prairie Climate Atlas last month came a new adaptation tool we called the ‘Climate Report Card.’ These reports detailed climate change statistics for major cities and towns across the three Prairie Provinces, and allow local leaders, researchers and members of the public to see how climate change will impact temperature, precipitation, the growing season and more in their community.


Select a city from the following list to view its Climate Report Card:


Today, we are adding new Report Cards that summarize climate change statistics across Ecozones — these are regions that divide the Prairie Provinces according to similarities in climate, vegetation and soil. Are you curious how climate change will impact the Boreal Forest? How warming temperatures will impact transportation and infrastructure in the Hudson Plains? Or how climate change may impact growing conditions in the Prairies? Use the following map to find the ecozone that interests you, then download its Report Card from the list:



Select a Manitoba Conservation District from the following list to view its Climate Report Card:

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