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From Risk to Resilience

Hey Winnipeg: was November warm or cold?

Hey Winnipeg: was this a cold November, or a warm November? Winnipeggers need no reminding that November 2017 started off cold. Very cold. Record-breaking, in fact: November 9th set a frigid new record low of -23.7 °C. Predictably, many online commentators used the cold as a talking point to deny the reality of climate change.…
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It ain’t natural: how we know humans are causing climate change

Scientists have collected a huge amount of evidence proving that Earth is heating up. Over a century of meticulous temperature records from around the world plus state-of-the-art satellite and ocean-buoy measurements show that the average global temperature is getting warmer and warmer. Many people wonder how we know that it’s us – humans – causing…
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Punching above our carbon weight: Canada could be low-carbon leader

Pundits and politicians sometimes argue against taking action on climate change because Canada is responsible for a relatively low percentage of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Why, they ask, should Canadians be expected to make deep greenhouse gas cuts while the real culprits, including China and the United States, do nothing? Won’t that end…
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Carbon Tax: your questions, our answers

Q: “What is a carbon tax?” A carbon tax is a fee paid to the government upon the purchase of fossil fuels, which are major sources of the well-known, planet-warming gas: carbon dioxide. Most Canadians already pay some kind of extra carbon-based fee for fuels, either in the form of an explicit price per ton…
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New Poster Highlights Implications of the Changing Prairie Climate

What will climate change mean for the Canadian Prairie Provinces? A new educational poster was published today by the Prairie Climate Centre highlighting the risks of climate change across the region. Few aspects of Prairie life will be unaffected by climate change, especially if global carbon dioxide emissions continue to climb. Forest fires will likely…
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Win a deck of limited edition Prairie Climate Centre playing cards!!!

    The Prairie Climate Centre Playing Cards feature 52 unique maps, graphs and tables depicting expected changes in temperature, precipitation and much more for communities across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Enter our contest for a chance to win a deck! To enter, you must first visit our interactive website: Then, in 100 words…
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