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Our Work

What guides us

Our Vision is to make the Prairie Climate Centre a world class contributor to climate change science, policy and communications for effective education and action in the Canadian Prairies and beyond.

Our Mission is to carry out evidence based science and communications designed to propel innovative climate change solutions in and by communities.

Our Values mean that we are innovative researchers, listeners and storytellers dedicated to fostering positive cultural and environmental change using rigorous data, a decolonizing lens and artistic science. We commit to pursuing academic excellence and scientific and organizational integrity.

What we do

Climate Data and Information

At the Prairie Climate Centre we strive to put data and information into the hands of users and community members so they can use it for action and decision-making. Our work includes building, maintaining and providing climate data sets and executing qualitative and quantitative community-based research to address critical knowledge gaps in all regions of the Prairies and beyond.

Climate Change Research

The Prairie Climate Centre is actively engaged in many aspects of climate change research, collecting and analyzing data on topics as varied as projected climate impacts, risk perception, and communication strategies. We bring this expertise and experience to partnerships with other researchers and those needing applied climate change expertise. 

Prairie Climate Centre staff have experience with qualitative and quantitative research methodologies including:

  • Qualitative interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys




Data processing, reporting, and guidance 

We provide data in accessible formats, with support and guidance on interpretation to help users apply the data for their intended use. Our main pathways for providing this support is through our flagship tool: the Climate Atlas of Canada. Here you can access many different resources, such as climate model data, maps and visuals, plain language articles and reports on various topics related to climate change.

Knowledge Mobilization and Translation

Evidence based Climate Change Communication is our strength at the Prairie Climate Centre. We design and share video, mapping and other media, publications and plain language writing and training to mobilize knowledge and resources tailored to the varying needs of different audiences and sectors.

Mapping and Visualization

In its basic form, Climate data generally comes in a format that can be challenging to read, let alone understand. At the Prairie Climate Centre we take large data sets and turn them into something more approachable. We visualize the information into other forms, such as maps, graphs and diagrams. 


Check out some of our work:


Video-based Storytelling

Documentary video is one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate and help make sense of climate change. Prairie Climate Centre staff have experience producing short-form content, feature films, and participatory films for ourselves and our partners. We have a state-of-the-art video lab located at the University of Winnipeg and produce all of our content in-house. Several of our staff have documentary filmmaking backgrounds, and many of our master’s students incorporate video into their research.

Our way of working often involves collaboratively developing video content with local and Indigenous knowledge holders and other experts. Including voices of lived experience helps explain the reality and meaning of climate change in Canada. Through filmmaking, we can bridge the science and human dimensions of climate change.



Plain Language Written Communications

We produce a wide range of written communications materials for digital and print audiences, including web pages, social media campaigns, and more formal reports. Our communications about climate change projections, impacts, and action foreground a storytelling approach grounded in the physical and social science of climate change. Prairie Climate Centre staff have experience producing content for a wide range of audiences, based on leading communications principles, practices and research.

Collaboration for Action

The Prairie Climate Centre is deeply aware of the transdisciplinary knowledges necessary to adequately address climate change. Each sector, municipality, business, and individual is impacted differently,   Therefore, establishing relationships and the co-development of knowledges and actions through engagement and dialogue are essential to building understanding, and at the core of the Prairie Climate Centre’s values. Through collaboration and partnerships we use the resources we develop to support policy, action and education on climate change at local, regional and national levels.


Vulnerability and Risk Assessment, and Adaptation Planning

Canada is already seeing the impacts of climate change. We are likely to experience change at twice the rate of the rest of the world, while certain regions will experience even greater rates of change. Understanding risks and preparing for them is vital for increasing our climate resiliency. Working with partners through the vulnerability, risk assessment, and adaptation planning processes, we combine our expertise on climate science and climate change with the local knowledge, expertise and experience of partners and communities. 



Outreach and Education

We strive to make climate change understandable and approachable. We tailor our work to a wide range of audiences. The Prairie Climate Centre staff and directors frequently bring our expertise to audiences through lectures, presentations, film screenings, and workshops. We also create lesson plans and other resources for the classroom that are freely accessible through the Climate Atlas of Canada.

Want to get in touch?

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